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ISA Journey
a 12 month journey

Are you ready to invite and embody the white peacock frequency into your life and integrate the new you, that is already whole?

  • Are you feeling the higher frequencies calling you to step up?

  • Are you ready to break rules and create your own from your essence?

  • Do you feel you are done with 'healing' and 'shadow work', because you know you already are whole?

  • Are you done with creating 'problems', when there are none?

  • Do you struggle somehow to let (some) 3D frequencies go?

  • Are you feeling the call to walk the path of the pioneer and lead by example?

  • Do you feel the time is ready for you to get in alignment on every aspect of your life?

How will I guide you within this journey?


What to expect?
It all depends on your growth investment really, where do you wish to journey to?

the unexpected and the unknown! This is why we won't be sharing more information on this website.

It's about you, feeling into the energy and trusting your inner guidance.

During our call together we can go more in details 'or not'. 

At this moment in time, I only have space for 3 souls to work with this way.

So if you feel some kind of attraction, please let's connect and see if we have a soulcontract that needs to be explored. 

Your FREE call with the universe

Are you ready to step up and lead?
Which investment are you ready to make towards this deep integration process?

I will handle your input with integrity and will only be using it towards our appointment.​By applying, you will also be receiving energy updates through mail. If you no longer want them, you can simply unsubscribe.

There are no more spots available. <3

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