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New Earth Portals
Together we create!

This is an very accessibel invitation to contribute to the creation of the 'New Earth', through a monthly guided group transmission, to:

☆ raise your frequency and uplift humanity on this beautiful planet.
☆ the co-creation of 'new' earth or TERRA - together we create!
☆ anchor the crystalline new earth frequency in all forms.
☆ let go of fears and unconscious blocks around your path.
☆ receive messages and guidance from your higher self and source.
☆ integrate the higher frequencies into your reality.
☆ feel the power of a community.
☆ lower the resistance towards the unknown. 

Dutch transmissions will be each month on a Friday morning at 9:30, English transmissions will be each month on a Wednesday evening at 20:45 CEST.

Depending on your membership you'll receive:

☆ once or twice a month a magical contribution with a live transmission from Riri and source

☆ 33% or 40% discount depending on your commitment 

☆ community membership with personal guidance from Riri

You can click on the buttons below and choose your membership.

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